Tickle.Life introduces marketspace for sexual wellbeing

Only 28% of the population rely on the web to find information satisfying only 4.1% of men and 1.9% of women. The main cause being lack of comprehensive information on sexuality, sexual wellbeing, mental health.

To bridge this gap between the sexual wellbeing industry and the seekers/explorers, the world’ first discovery platform for Sex and Sexuality, Tickle.Life has launched its new discovery-based marketspace making the most impactful and desirable products for the seekers.

The new platform has exciting new features and has simplified it for people who want to explore their sexuality. Tickle.Life offers a lot more to explore like many more (s)exciting podcasts (over 1000+), interviews and editorials with the community influencers (over 350+) through this newly launched platform.

Tickle.Life (https://www.tickle.life/) was created with an objective to build a platform where people could find answers, about sexuality and to break the silos on grounds of gender, race and sexuality . With the new feature, Tickle.Life is offering products and services that are recommended by a team of well known experts and have proven quality.

On the journey of the platform, Shakun Sethi, founder and CEO, Tickle.Life shared,” what you see today is a hands on research of visiting 100+ sex toy shops and organisations, fabricating requirements for different age group family members to identify the loopholes in the supply industry working closely with over 350+ sexual wellbeing professionals and organisations and multiple partnerships with sex positive organisations and SexTech industry. And this is just the start.”

Sextech, which was valued at USD 30 Billion in 2019 has seen tremendous growth in the last few years and is estimated to grow 4 times by 2026.