Tonga MasterClass new style

Tonga organised an online version of their annual MasterClass on 2nd and 3rd June. The comments they received during and after the event were very positive and full of praise. Participants said it was well arranged, running smoothly and a pleasure to participate. Of course people are still eagerly looking out to meeting each other in person soon. The real live MasterClass like Tonga used to organize in previous years is preferred by most. This online event however was the next best thing, most agreed, and some even preferred the online MasterClass over the usual live event. 

Tonga is happy with so much positive response, even more so because this was the first time they organized their MasterClass online. In 2020 it was the Covid crisis that forced Tonga to cancel their MasterClass that would be held in March. Early 2021 they were rethinking the concept because everybody could see that the traditional version of the MasterClass still would not be possible due to the pandemic. The new concept turned out to be easier than expect and proved to bring several benefits as well. 

They hired a professional even organizer who turned the Tonga showroom into a studio and the main office in a control room with their advanced technical gear. They proved that their experience and knowledge were valuable to make the event run smoothly with several Zoom sessions at the same time and live sessions in between pre-recorded presentations. 

The virtual MasterClass brought several benefits for both Tonga and the participants. It was a versatile, streamlined experience for the attendees and Tonga did not have to limit the number of participants, something that would be required with a live event. Participants did not have to travel, could choose which presentations they were interested in and which would fit in their schedule. Anyone who wanted to join in last minute could do so, because more people in a Zoom meeting is no problem. 

“Of course we’re all hoping that we can travel and meet everyone very soon. Meanwhile we adapted to the situation to make the best out of it and we think it has worked out very well with 2021s virtual edition of our MasterClass”, Tonga said.