Tonga offers 10% discount extra

As a silver lining in difficult times, Tonga wants to remind all retailers that they are giving a 10% eroFame discount this week. That is 10% EXTRA DISCOUNT on your net invoice amount. So it comes on top of any other discount. This special offer is valid only from 11 to 18 October, 2021.

As every year has its own opportunities and challenges, this year has been no exception. Like Covid-19 year 2020, the year 2021 has been a one of change as well. Nobody knows how enduring these changes will be. We all hope for the best.

But back to here and now. Anyone who has a car that runs on petrol or diesel, or heats their home with gas, must have noticed that the prices of raw materials and energy are rising tremendously. Not only does this have a considerable impact on the transport costs in our sector, but also on the material costs of the products.

On top of that, lead times for transports have almost doubled. Also, manufacturers are regularly forced to stop production due to a lack of electricity.

Melanie de Jonge says: “Currently we (Tonga) are doing everything we can to keep our prices as they are and to keep our warehouses stocked. That is why we don’t want to withhold you our eroFame discount offer. Then, at least you can make sure that your stock is up to date for the busiest period of the year. Be smart and be quick! You can’t afford to miss this! Profit from this 10% extra discount on your invoice. It’s only valid for a few more days, until Monday October 18th, 2021.”