Tonga Wholesale announces new female board driving innovation and growth in the erotic industry

Tonga Wholesale is pleased to announce its new female board of directors, who are committed to bringing new perspectives and ideas to drive innovation and growth in the industry. Melanie de Jonge (CEO), and her sister Stephanie de Jonge (CFO), are determined to lead the company and the industry as a whole to new heights.

The company recognizes the value and contribution of a female touch in business, and the new branding strategy reflects this perspective. According to Melanie, “female entrepreneurs may be more likely to consider how their brand can connect with and support their target audience, rather than simply focusing on the product or service being offered.”

Tonga’s approach to rebranding focuses on creating a more personal and relatable brand image, seeking input and feedback from a diverse group of stakeholders, including employees, customers, and community members. The company also prioritizes sustainability and social responsibility, highlighting its efforts towards environmental sustainability, ethical business practices, and social impact initiatives.

Tonga is now the only female-run distributor in Europe, providing a unique view of the industry that is necessary to thrive as more and more women enter the target market. The renewed strategy includes a rebranding of the corporate identity, that reflects the values and personality of the Tonga brand. Appealing to a wider target group including women, the new logo looks stylish and timeless, with warm and soft color tones and matching typography. The website will get a facelift, a new fair stand was created and all communication channels will follow a more all-round approach when it comes to working with their customers and informing them about the latest trends and novelties.

The company aims to be at the forefront of the evolving world of erotic products in a diversified world. Bringing the industry into the next phase of improved functionality, education, beautifully crafted design and adding a lot more fun to all of its target customers. Tonga strives to have true collaborations with its partners, where creating value for all parties is the highest priority.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the de Jonge sisters are determined to create an even brighter future for their business and the industry at large. They are committed to treating others with respect, taking pride in their new roles, and focusing on the complete supply chain, from creating great products meeting their customers’ demand to listening to the end consumer and supplying that group with all relevant info.

Tonga welcomes potential partners and customers to reach out to learn more about the company and its renewed strategy.