Rocks Off announces more new releases for eroFame 2019

In 2018 Rocks Off launched Chaiamo and Everygirl into their female range line. Both Products are elegant, super powerful and sales have been exceptional for all colourways, in fact they have exceeded expectations and demand for both has not slowed down.

It’s no surprise that the company have continued to add further to their ranges throughout 2019 with additional products, for both the male and female markets utilising the same technology that delivers amazing pleasure results every single time.

“The products speak for themselves,” says Sham Galoria, Sales Manager at Rocks Off. “As soon as they are switched on and fired up, the response is always the same… Wow! We wanted to bring products to market that were not overly large but would still deliver an unforgettable power experience and we certainly have achieved that. The rate of sales just keeps on confirming that we have got it just right” For eroFame Rocks Off have been working on some fantastic additions for females, males and couples. They have 4 new rechargeable products, Oriel a discrete Wand, Regala which is a an amazing, elegant and ergonomic dual motored A spot rabbit. Both products again are structured around the power of Chaiamo and Everygirl. Most A spots product tend to be bulky and by that very definition can be off putting. Regala is streamlined, balanced and designed to fall into position. Oriel is again very inviting with great flexibility to the head but with power that you would expect from a much bigger product.

Tehy also have a rechargeable version of the Luv wand which again gives great body contact both as a sensual and couples massage product.For the male audience they have a fantastic rechargeable anal wand called Falex and boy does this pack a punch. Masculine and Iconic, Falex’s curved tip and expertly designed shaft will enhance the intensity of orgasm’s with accurate prostate stimulation. “The power and quality of these products together with the superb presentation packaging is a winning combination and the price points are second to none!“