UK’s Guardian Newspaper places first ever sex toy ad

On 6 March 2021 global sex toy company, Hot Octopuss made history by being approved for the first sex toy ad ever to be featured in UK broadsheet news publication, The Guardian. The Guardian, originally founded in 1817 is sister to the world’s oldest Sunday Newspaper, the Observer, and is considered one of the world’s most influential media platforms.

Hot Octopuss’s couples’ sex toy, PULSE DUO LUX was pictured alongside its two wrist wrap remotes and a scannable QR code beside a tattooed male model and the tagline ‘Making Lockdown Bearable.’ It’s clear from the tone and imagery that this toy is for discerning penis owners and their partners. To an untrained eye, the product itself would not be recognizable as a sex toy, but as a sleek piece of technology designed to enhance wellness and quality of life.

Hot Octopuss is the forefront player in the sex tech industry, innovating medical technology for sexual wellness purposes and making it available to a commercial market. They are responsible for the creation of the world’s first guybrator which happens to boast the ability to bring a man to completion with or without an erection. 

Hot Octopuss is recognized globally for its development of PulsePlate Technology, Treble and Bass Technology, hands-free penis toys, and the recent launch of KURVE, a dual-motored G-spot vibrator. The company is distinguished for its concentration on erectile dysfunction, disability, and sex-positivity, and are committed to their vision of sexual wellness for every body.