US manufacturing dysfunction causes Joyboxx shortage

Passionate Playground announces today that its patented, hygienic sex toy box storage system, Joyboxx + Playtray will not be available to thousands of customers for the Valentine’s Day holiday due to ongoing US manufacturing dysfunction.

Two years ago the company successfully on-shored its Joyboxx manufacturing tools to Washington State, just ahead of the US trade war with China in order to reduce its carbon footprint and increase production and quality control. Since then, production dropped by 90% has almost shut the doors of the female-founded, crowd-funded start up.

Passionate Playground’s Founder, CEO and Joyboxx inventor, Deborah Semer states, “The reality of US manufacturing so far is heart-breaking. However, I think we may have just found the right factory partner, just in time. They are rushing to help save Joyboxx to keep manufacturing here and our customers, like HUSTLER® Hollywood retail stores in stock.”

To save company sales and provide some joy for lovers this Valentine’s Day, Semer, has designed a ‘dirty dozen, 12 pack’ of Chinese-style ‘Flirty Fortune Cookies.’ The original custom fortune cookies are hand-crafted in Seattle’s International District in partnership with another local female founded business, NSFW Fortune Cookies.

Ironically Semer brought the first batch of cookies to an SBA meeting about exporting products to China and was invited to sell the Flirty Fortunes Saturday, February 1 at the Renton Business Chamber of Commerce’s Urban Night Market Valentine’s pop-up shop “All You Need is Love.” The attendees and vendors ate them up.

A limited supply of the fresh vanilla flavored treats are available now for customers to purchase in time for Valentine’s Day for $19.69.

Joyboxx is available for preorder at the official website.