Vegan information for lubes at Tonga

In a continuous effort to supply more detailed information for all products Tonga offers, the company has recently added the ingredients of lubricants to the product texts on their website. The lubes are divided into water based and silicone based with the ‘Features’ option in the filters of the website. Further filtering can be done by brand. Tonga offers lubes from several well-known and high quality brands such as Waterglide, Wicked Sensual Care, Shunga, Cobeco, Back to Basics, Mai, Satisfyer and last but not least Tonga’s own brand Boo. For Boo there’s also a separate brand website that you can find at

Vegan: Since more and more customers are asking for vegan options nowadays, Tonga has added ‘vegan’ to the bullet list of lubricant properties in the texts where applicable. For most people it’s difficult to understand all the chemical names of ingredients, and the ingredient Glycerin might be derived from animal material or be plantbased, which is not always specified in the ingredients list. As of now, it’s easy to find all vegan products on the Tonga website by just typing the term ‘vegan’ into the search bar. This results in all the vegan lubes shown, and a number of toys as well, because some – mostly bondage items – are made of artificial leather that is called ‘vegan leather’. Besides, the term vegan not only says something about ingredients and materials; it also means that the development and production of these products is free of animal-testing.

Continuous text and image updates: Tonga continues to update the product texts on their website, as well as updating and adding high and low res images that can be downloaded from their FTP-server, to make things easier for their customers. This way retailers can provide more detailed information to their customers online and offline, and web shops will have more and better images to their disposal. If you are a Tonga customer and don’t know how to reach the FTP-server, please contact your Tonga sales rep to receive the address and login.