Virtual showroom opening at EDC Wholesale

EDC Wholesale has built a new showroom, which was planned to open to the public this summer with a big opening event. Due to the COVID19 regulations and travel restrictions EDC had to change its plans. The team came up with an idea to bring the showroom to the public virtually without anyone having to travel. The AVN Virtual Vibe was the first test case to see if it would work to present the brands and products from the showroom through an online meeting channel. 

“We’ve set up a wall presentation in our showroom as we would have done at a live expo.” Commented Andre Visser, Sales Director at EDC Wholesale “We want to give the customers the experience as if they were meeting with us in person and show them the products like we would in a normal face-to-face meeting. This required some preparations from the team, but we are pleased to meet our customers in this setup and see them through the live stream. We hope to welcome our customers live in our showroom one day and sit down with them in the beautiful custom-made bar, but for now we are pleased to be able to connect with them this way. Keeping everyone safe and healthy is our main priority.”

The EDC Wholesale team usually travels the world to visit customers, trade shows, and industry events, but due to the current restrictions, traveling internationally is not possible and limited within the EU. Virtual meetings with industry retailers are the only option to connect in person safely. The team is available for a virtual showroom tour in one-on-one sessions to present all the brands and products.