We-Vibe debunks five myths about anal play

Anal play and anal stimulation is on trend. And this popularity is not just, as one would expect, among homosexual men. More and more heterosexual men and couples are discovering anal play for themselves. But especially those, who are curious about it may be scared off by the surrounding myths. Some of them are really widespread. That’s why it’s important that the first step for good anal play is to get informed.

Myth # 1: Anal play and anal sex is only for gay men

Well, some straight men might think this. But it’s not true. Anal play can be fun for everyone. There are many straight, adventurous men that enjoy anal stimulation just as much as a gay man might. And there are often gay men that do not enjoy anal penetration at all. Neither your sexual orientation or gender should prevent you from trying out anal sex if you’re already curious about it.

Myth # 2: Anal play hurts

Not exactly true. Anal play hurts only when the partner carelessly. If it is your first time you should be in the right mood. Take a lot of care of each other and listen! Also: It is important to use a lot of lubricant. And last but not least, special anal toys are very helpful, for example the We-Vibe Vector.

Designed in collaboration with the world’s leading expert in prostate massage and pleasure, Vector is the ultimate prostate massager. It is flexible and customized to perfectly adjust to the body. Use it to gently stretch the anus or enjoy the gentle pressure and intense vibration on both the prostate and perineum.

Myth # 3: Anal play is dirty

There is nothing strange about worrying that during the act you feel like you have to go to the toilet. Well. Waste is stored in the rectum – but only immediately before actually using the bathroom. So, if you don’t feel like you need to go, then anal play and sex is hygienically safe.

Myth # 4: Anal sex doesn’t require condoms

If you’re not in a long-term relationship, you absolutely should use condoms for anal sex. You can reduce the chance of infections with sexual transmitted diseases. If you only want to do a little anal play – for example with the finger or the toy – of course you don’t need a condom.

Myth # 5: The anus can get stretched out

Not true. The sphincter is a very strong muscle. Even with frequent anal sex it doesn’t stretch out. The great thing about the sphincter: It can adapt to pressure over time and start to relax faster. And that has only positive effect.

If you are curious and adventurous and want to try anal play, We-Vibe recommends the We-Vibe Vector. Make yourself comfortable, have enough lubricant ready and slowly approach the anal stimulation. The great thing: Vector stimulates perineum and prostate at the same time. Prostate play opens up levels of pleasure that go beyond anything you’ve experienced before. „It‘s a great toy for beginners, it‘s easier to insert than you might expect”, one of the We-Vibe testers said, after the first experience. Other testers in turn reported: “Once you get it in it feels great and has great settings“ and “The sensation is very pleasant”. And no, you don’t have to worry that it will be unpleasant. Because: From the ultra-soft, body-safe silicone to the customizable shape and vibrations, every aspect of Vector is designed for comfort, safety and pleasure.

This article was provided by WeVibe.