We-Vibe Study: Couple’s vibrators give better orgasms and help with communication

It was 15 years ago that We-Vibe revolutionized an entire industry with the world’s first c-shape vibrator: a sex toy that can be worn during sex and that stimulates both partners at the same time. To mark the anniversary, the pleasure brand has conducted a study showing that sex toys have a positive impact on relationships beyond the actual stimulation (The online survey was conducted in September 2022 with 681 participants – 316 people from Canada and the US and 365 from Europe – All participants own a couples vibrator from We-Vibe). Almost half of the participants (46 percent) stated that communication in the relationship has improved since they regularly use a couple’s vibrator.

“Our vision is to enrich the sex lives of couples. We want to inspire people to try new things, be adventurous and talk to each other about it. The success and our customers’ feedback show that sex toys help couples rediscover their intimacy, communicate needs more openly and be at ease about their sexuality,” comments Elisabeth Neumann, Sexologist and Head of User Research at We-Vibe.

Better communication, better sex

The survey showed that for three-quarters of couples in Europe (72 percent), the fun during sex has increased since buying a couple’s vibrator. Over half (53 percent) of users experience more frequent or more intense orgasms and 44 percent feel closer to their partner. The We-Vibe app plays a major role in this, as it makes it possible to share exciting moments with each other even in a long-distance relationship. The app allows the toy to be controlled across continents, so couples can experience sex at a distance in a whole new way.

“Experimenting with sex toys stimulates the imagination and lets couples talk more openly about their preferences,” explains Elisabeth Neumann. “We are particularly pleased that more than a third of the participants report that their communication in the partnership has improved. A sex toy doesn’t even have to be used for that, but it’s often a good start for talking about desires and preferences.”

More fun for all couples

Customers from the LGBTQ+ community emphasize the wider range of possibilities that arise with sex toys: for example, 41 percent of respondents report that they have tried and found new places for their sexual activities (The online survey was conducted in February 2023 with 826 participants from Europe, Canada and the USA who identified as anything but hetero sexual). For 43 percent, the We-Vibe app has improved their love life when they could not be with their partner. Nearly two-thirds find sex and masturbation easier with sex toys because they can simultaneously use their hands to pleasure their counterpart or themselves.