Womanizer celebrates 5th birthday with the launch of limited edition Liberty sex toy

Five years ago, the first sex toy of its kind, the Womanizer, was released and went on to revolutionize the entire market. Today, Womanizer’s full range offers much more than the original product with ergonomic shapes, elegant design, and top-quality materials. What do all models have in common? The revolutionary and patented Pleasure Air Technology, which is only found in Womanizer products.Womanizer has created a entirely new category of sex toys. Since its launch, over 3 million Womanizers have been purchased by women and men in more than 60 countries. In celebration of the fifth anniversary, Womanizer offers the popular Womanizer Liberty in a limited edition beginning November 1, 2019.
The limited-edition Liberty comes in pearl white. The new look makes the Liberty even more discrete and thus a perfect travel companion. Customers also receive an “I Masturbate” banner with each product as part of Womanizer’s campaign to destigmatize female masturbation.