WOW Tech Group announces innovative changes coming to WOW Tech Media Library + Academy

WOW Tech Group is constantly working to improve cooperation with its valued partners, and the company announced today major improvements to two services for its network of trusted retailers: First, the WOW Tech Media Library will become the one stop shop for all marketing assets and, secondly, the WOW Tech Academy will now feature new interactive content from certified sex educators that will further improve retailers knowledge of WOW Tech brands and product ranges.

WOW Tech Media Library

Partners now can use the brand-new Tech Media Library to access all B2B media assets 24/7. The Library is an online media hub that houses valuable resources that retailers can access after logged in, and by using keywords and categories to search through a wide range of assets. Partners may download these assets directly from the Library. The Library offers partners the option to download assets formatted for print or online, saving time for retailers and making daily business and product launches much easier.

“We believe that the new WOW Tech Media Library will greatly improve B2B marketing workflows with all our partners,” said Marius Nieland, WOW Tech Brand Manager.

Key advantages of the WOW Tech Media Library at a glance: 

• Customizable media assets

• Download the assets in the format required, whether for print or online use.

• Independent access 24/7

• Using the WOW Tech Media Library, partners can efficiently and

independently access the assets you need 24/7 without ever having to send a request.

• User-friendly interface

• Use keywords and categories to intuitively search for the assets partners require and find them in seconds. Add them to the basket and download them all together once ready.

• Immediate access to new assets

• As soon as a new media asset has been uploaded, it is made immediately available for use.

To use the WOW Tech Media Library retailers will need new login credentials. Once an account is made, there will be unlimited 24/7 access to the Library. Retail partners can sign-up for new account at

WOW Tech Academy

WOW Tech is also thrilled to announce today that the WOW Tech Academy has officially launched with interactive video content that aims to sharpen sales knowledge, teach the key features and USPs of our top products from certified instructors, and promote our range with confidence.

“We believe that the engaging and interactive content from the WOW Tech Academy will help all our retail partners improve their sexual health and wellness expertise and boost sales of all products in the WOW Tech house of brands,” said Marius Nieland.

Retail partners can access the academy at: