XR Brands showcased in Cosmopolitan feature story

XR Brands and its kinkiest gear has been highlighted in two of the most popular media outlets for sex and relationships, enhancing brand recognition for the BDSM-specialty manufacturer. Zeus Electrosex was showcased in Cosmopolitan Magazine with a special recommendation for beginner electrostimulation play, while 12 of XR Brands’ most unique products were showcased by leading men’s site FHM.com in a piece that introduced readers to the kinkier side of sex toys.

Cosmopolitan’s July issue included a feature story dedicated to the exciting world of electrostimulation play with a special recommendation for beginners: the magazine suggested curious newbs try the Awaken Uni-Polar E-Stim Gloves to transform users’ hands into tingly massage tools. “When attached to a power box…these gloves send little shocks to the body parts your partner caresses,” Cosmopolitan recommended.View the latest issue here: https://www.scribd.com/document/381412815/Cosmopolitan-July-2018-USA

FHM writers hand-picked 12 products from XR Brands’ vast catalog for an online feature dedicated to the booming sex toy industry. With recommendations from Master Series, Strict Leather, Zeus Electrosex, Tom of Finland, Lovebotz, and Jesse Jane masturbators, FHM gave readers an up-close-and-personal showcase of the more intense, sometimes even extreme, sex toys available. “Now we all have different levels of kink, but these surely take the kink biscuit by the balls,” FHM wrote. “Here are some of the most outrageous toys currently on the market for men, and we warn that you might need to sit down before scrolling.”
View the full FHM article here: https://fhm.com.ph/dating-relationships/dating/20-of-the-craziest-and-kinkiest-sex-toys-for-men-a1712-20180624-lfrm2?ref=home_feed_1

“XR Brands has been getting a lot of attention recently thanks to our unique attention to BDSM products and it’s exciting to be recognized by trusted media outlets in the mainstream,” XR Brands Wholesale Manager Rebecca Weinberg said. “The support we’ve received proves that we have made a lasting impression, and our customers always appreciate – and benefit from – the boosted brand recognition!”