XR Brands starts ‘Masked Mayhem Retail Road Tour’ in the USA

XR Brands is thrilled to announce that, after a year of online-only trainings, Brand Ambassador and sex educator Josh Ortiz, along with Kristin Moore of Channel 1 Releasing, are embarking on the Masked Mayhem Retail Road Tour. The pair is bringing safe, in-person trainings to retailers all over the country and helping staff get back into the swing of in-store sales and promotion of XR Brand’s award-winning product lines.

After an unprecedented year that was difficult for the entire industry, XR Brands is excited to reconnect with retail partners on a physical level after a virtual year. Among the company’s goals with this road tour is to help retail partners rebuild their brands and establish a sense of industry normalcy while getting to see, feel, and learn about the many product innovations that have emerged over the last year.

Retailers can feel confident about these Masked Mayhem Retail Road Tour trainings, as Josh and Kristin have both been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and will both be masked at all times. Every associate attending the training is required to remain masked, and hand sanitizer will be distributed to associates before training begins. Any product that is handled by associates will be sterilized with alcohol between every training.

“We are so excited about the Masked Mayhem Retail Road Tour!” Ortiz said. “In a typical year, we would see get to see retailers in person for trainings as well as at events and trade shows, but obviously the last year has been anything but typical. Our goal is always to provide quality and inclusive sex and product education to retail partners so they are able to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations, and we are thrilled to finally be equipped to safely do that via in-person, in-store trainings again.”

The Masked Mayhem Retail Road Tour with Josh Ortiz and Kristin Moore started April 5 and kicked off with trainings for the TAF Adam & Eve enterprise throughout Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Denver.

In addition to trainings, XR Brands is willing to be present for in-store customer events and open to the public for ladies’ nights, workshops, sex ed classes, and more. The company is also willing to sponsor events, whether in person or virtual, held by retail partners.