Besharam and bswish unite to introduce inclusive product range in India, India’s #1 Sexual Wellness Brand, is thrilled to collaborate with bswish, a global brand recognized for its fun and flirty adult toys, to offer Indian customers an exclusive and extensive range of high-quality pleasure products. bswish, internationally renowned for its approachable, energetic, and joyful sex toys catering to diverse pleasure needs, aligns seamlessly with Besharam’s vision for promoting sex positivity and making pleasure accessible and affordable.

“We are thrilled to bring bswish, a brand sharing our values and passion, to India to deliver the best of experiences for our customers,” said Raj Armani, COO and Co-Founder of “This partnership allows us to offer a more diverse and expansive product catalog and bring the latest and most innovative bswish products to our customers in India.”

Customers can now explore and choose from a diverse range of bswish products, all conveniently available on’s user-friendly platform. “We look forward to this partnership to empower customers in India to embrace their sexuality and discover new avenues of pleasure, discreetly and reliably.”

“We’re incredibly excited,” exclaimed Ian Kulp, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Bonner Trading USA, Inc. “Our premium-quality, 100% body-safe products are a source of great pride. Over the years, and especially in the ‘now’, we have been ardent advocates of normalizing self-pleasure and fostering positive attitudes towards sex. This partnership fuels our mission to introduce higher-quality sexual experiences to India and beyond, and we couldn’t have found a more ideal partner for this endeavor.”

With a common goal of fostering a healthy and positive approach to sexuality, inclusivity, body positivity, and wellness, this partnership is poised to revolutionize the way India embraces adult products.