Board game “Monogamy” sold over one million copies

Creative Conceptions adult board game, Monogamy: A Hot Affair… with your partner has sold over 1 million copies worldwide and is now available in 8 different languages.

Previously recommended by Red Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Top Sante in the UK, Monogamy has received more recent press coverage in the U.S. QVC equivalent Evine After Dark chose Monogamy to feature in their first adult show dedicated to sex toys and the game has received praise from Men’s Health Magazine and leading American Sexpert and digital influencer, Dr Emily Morse.

Monogamy let’s couples live the fairy-tale, that one person can forever meet all your emotional, romantic and sexual needs. It challenges couples to break free from their tired routine, breathes new life into their relationship and ultimately leaves you aroused in the presence of one another, not another. With over 400 cards encouraging role-play and improvisation, the game has no boundaries and can transport your love affair to all kinds of weird and wonderful heights.

Monogamy is a game for all reasons and all seasons and one that enables retailers to up-sell due to the games kinky demands for sex aids and role-play scenarios. It’s popularity suits the most vanilla sexual explorers through to the well-seasoned kinksters.