Boneyard straps and rings available at EDC Wholesale

These must-have man toys are designed with superior materials and production thus increasing both comfort and lifespan. The powerful and iconic Boneyard-branded design has a sleek soft touch silicone finish and features a superior and durable stretch. The Boneyard collection at EDC Wholesale includes ball straps, cock straps and silicone cock rings, which are now available for retailers to order.

The medical grade 100% silicone snap ball stretchers come with 3 snaps on one end and 1 on the other giving the wearer 3 sizing options to find the correct size. Traditionally snap rings are made of uncomfortable hard stitched leather or rubber and until now have never been attempted to be crafted from soft touch silicone. These unique ball stretchers will become the new standard for guys who are into ball play.

The Boneyard collection at EDC Wholesale also offers the soft medical grade 100% silicone rings with non-roll design, providing a snug fit that both the wearer and his playmates will appreciate. Unique to themselves, these rings synergize with the wearer, providing endless comfort when wearing under jeans. Keeping men hard longer and stronger. No-roll comfort fit. Xtreme durability, 100% silicone, 3X stretch.

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