Brand Central Station announces partnership with Chakrubs for North America

Sales and marketing firm Brand Central Station (BCS) announces a corporate partnership with Chakrubs The Original Crystal Sex Toy Company, which includes the exclusive wholesale distribution of their luxury products in North America. The New York-based manufacturer of the all-natural crystal wands with unique energy properties that ignite a uniquely sensual and otherworldly pleasure, has joined forces with BCS in order “to benefit from our company’s vast experience and elaborate business network,” said BCS’s Ryan Poirier. “Our goal is to help Chakrubs optimize their operations, improve PR placements, work more closely with preferred retailers and motivate retail employees, while saving these start-ups valuable time in market penetration… ultimately enhancing their long-term business potential.” – Frank Alde BCS. Chakrubs The Original Crystal Sex Toy Company , has designed and superbly crafted an extraordinary range of sexual enhancement and wellness devices made with body-safe materials such as rose quartz, jade, and obsidian stone, promoting healing and a deeper, more fulfilling sense of holistic pleasure. “We are excited and proud to serve as this incredible company’s exclusive wholesale partner and help Chakrubs create new opportunities for this unique product line in growing markets,” said Poirier.