‘Breakfast in Bed’ with Wicked Sensual Care

The Wicked Sensual Care collection at Scala Playhouse offers a great choice in flavored, kissable lubricants. What makes the range stand out is the unusual flavor profiles users can sample. This includes some fruity notes like Cherry Cordial, but also more indulgent, sweet options like Candy Apple and Salted Caramel. However, if retailers really want to give their consumers an unforgettable oral experience, advice them to mix and match the Wicked Sensual Care flavored lubricants in one, amazing tasting session… One of Scala’s favorite options is combining the Mocha Java and Cinnamon Bun lubricants during a session of intimate play – early in the morning. The rich coffee flavor and sugary, cinnamon goodness mix perfectly into an indulgent aroma that truly spoils the senses; giving a very exciting new meaning to ‘breakfast in bed’. Who wants just an ordinary cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun, when you can savour these flavorsome delights – without the calories – during oral pleasure?