Cross Dresser Fetish line – Now available from TONGA

Tonga is proud to announce the addition of the Crosser Dresser Fetish line to their collections. The products from the Regnes Fetish Planet brand have arrived early January in the Tonga warehouse and are available for ordering. The Cross Dresser Fetish range is aimed at men desiring to express their likes and preferences through wearing women’s outfits and underwear. Men who love to experiment, constantly looking for new visions of themselves. Men who appreciate quality, uniqueness, and convenience like every woman does. The CRD products in the style of women’s underwear and fetish clothing have been adapted to the men’s silhouette. When creating them, the differences in the body structure of men and women were taken into account by Regnes, as well as the way in which the body behaves during movement. It is the world’s first commercial, thematically coherent, and image-consistent line of products and dedicated styling for crossdressers.

Every single product and set is based on a women’s fetish style, related to BDSM. Products include various attire groups: dresses, skirts, t-shirts, gloves. The whole collection looks attractive, draws attention and stands out with an interesting and exciting message. All CRD products are made from high-quality materials, carefully selected for this collection. Sensitive product areas have been reinforced with special structures and stitches. These solutions guarantee excellent appearance, comfort and, most importantly, well-being. Details are important for each product too. For the CRD Fetish collection, Regnes has carefully chosen all metal accessories – rings, adjusters, zippers. They are durable, functional, look great and perfectly complement the outfit. The 360 degree wetlook material is a particular novelty. It is an extremely durable material that’s pleasant to the touch. Its most important features are flexibility and elasticity in any direction. Each of the Cross Dresser Fetish items is available in 3 sizes: S, M and L.