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‘Dirty Little Secret’ brand now available at Eropartner Distribution

The Lab Factory introduced Dirty Little Secret – an all new brand aimed at “satisfying the needs of the empowered modern woman”. The Dirty Little Secret range of sensual products includes body creams, soaps and toys. The range of products has been especially developed to work well together as a set. For example your customer could set the mood with a foamy shower, apply the sparkling moisturizer, use a little lube, lie back and enjoy.

The Dirty Little Secret brand and range of products has a none threatening, yet sensual – rather than sexual – packaging design which is alluring rather than intimidating and aimed specifically at all self assured women. The products and packaging have been designed to fit in all high street beauty and cosmetic stores. As well as creams, tingling moisturisers and soaps, Dirty Little Secret also offer a choice of quality toys and a lubricant.