Dreamlove looks back on a successful cooperation with Obsessive lingerie

Dreamlove and Obsessive launched a distribution agreement that was signed in early 2019 and during the year 2019 sales have been a success, according to the Spanish distributor. Dreamlove has contributed to the communication of the brand in Spain. Marketing actions have been carried out jointly for all customers with physical stores and separate sales actions for e-commerce customers as well.

Dreamlove’s distribution policies are different for each channel and this rule contributes to both channels being able to live together in a comfortable environment for everyone.

Dreamlove has commercials specifically for Obsessive in Spain and the actions are carried out jointly between Obsessive and Dreamlove.

A discount policy has been maintained until December 2019, but since January 2020 discounted prices must be reviewed with Dreamlove. All customers can contact Dreamlove through the email support@dreamlove.es.

Dreamlove has a complete inventory of Obsessive, including new items that are released every week.

“It is a perfect brand for businesses that only sell lingerie or sexshops with lingerie,” Dreamlove said in a press release. “Obsessive increases your business sales considerably just by having the brand at a point of sale. We wish you all the best and I hope that this new way of working with OBSESSIVE will be easier and better allowing the growth of your business.”