Durio and Lovehoney join forces in the Asian market

Durio Asia (www.durio.asia) is excited to announce its partnership with Lovehoney. This makes Durio Asia an official distributor in the Asian territory for brands carried by Lovehoney. 

“Lovehoney Trade is always looking to expand its B2B partnerships globally and taking Durio onboard was a natural step and a meaningful move for us. Lovehoney’s mantra is to spread the word of sexual happiness globally, and convert the millions of people considering sex toys to make the leap. With Durio’s continued support through customer assistance and regular visits, we are excited to continue to spread the word and help create better sex lives for everyone.” says Jade Bawa, Sales Executive at Lovehoney.

“We are thrilled to be appointed as official distributor of Lovehoney products in Asia. Lovehoney’s brands such as Fifty Shades of Grey and Sqweel are well-liked and we are bringing these great products to the Asian part of the globe. Our distribution and logistics network will help Lovehoney penetrate deeper into the markets in Asia, reaching consumers of broader demographics.” says Jason Wong, Director at Durio Asia.

For more information, please contact jason@durio.asia or visit www.durio.asia.