DUSEDO is introducing new Sport Fucker Lubes

The Sport Fucker Water Based Lubricant, the Sport Fucker Hybrid Lubricant and the Sport Fucker Silicone Lubricant are the premium lubrication choices for those who demand top-notch quality and maximum satisfaction. Crafted with care and precision, the specially formulated lubricants are designed to enhance every moment of passion and play.

Features: Premium Quality – Made with the highest quality ingredients, the lubes ensure a smooth and silky glide for unparalleled comfort and pleasure. / FDA Approval: these three Sport Fucker Lubricants are backed by FDA approval, guaranteeing safety and reliability with every use. / Long-Lasting: The long-lasting formula provides extended lubrication for uninterrupted enjoyment. / Versatile Design: Whether exploring solo or enjoying with a partner, the 8oz (237 ml) bottle with a convenient flip-cap dispenser makes application easy and mess-free. / Enhanced Performance: Experience heightened sensations and increased comfort during playtime, allowing to focus on pleasure without distractions. / Made in the USA