DUSEDO is releasing the brand new BRUTUS Sling Stand

The Sling Stand Kit from BRUTUS contains everything you need to get started right away: a frame, grippy rubber feet, a mat with pillow, straps, stirrups and a sturdy carrying bag for transporting the whole thing. Setting up the BRUTUS Sling Stand takes only about ten minutes and is easy to do. This eliminates the need to drill holes in walls or ceilings to hang a swing. The entire frame of the BRUTUS Sling Stand has been subjected to a dynamic load test of 150 kilos, so it is safe to use even for heavy people. The easily adjustable straps also eliminate the need for users to get out of the swing to adjust the height. The straps as well as the mat, which are made of sturdy nylon, can be easily detached and put in the washing machine.

Dimensions when assembled: 200 cm high, 130 cm wide, 170 cm deep.