EDC Wholesale carries all three Ultimate Fantasy Dolls

EDC Wholesale carries all three Ultimate Fantasy Dolls from Pipedream in its assortment. The lovely ladies, Kitty, Carmen, and Bianca, are ready to travel to their final destination and are available for retailers to order now.

Ultimate Fantasy Dolls are carefully created to fulfill fantasies and inspire intimate pleasure on all levels. All three beauties feature a high level of realism and details and offer a guaranteed value that sets Pipedream’s Ultimate Fantasy Dolls apart from the rest. Enveloped in soft Fanta Flesh skin with a sturdy stainless-steel skeleton, they each offer three deep pleasure holes that can be enhanced with the included USB heating wand and are completely posable from their heads down to their fingers and toes. Most importantly, the unique personalities of Kitty, Carmen, and Bianca shine brightly through their distinctive facial features, hair, body shapes, heights, weights, and breast sizes.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers all three Ultimate Fantasy Dolls from Pipedream.” Said Andre Visser, Sales Director at EDC Wholesale. “All three of them are beautiful in their own way, we couldn’t leave one out as we want our customers and the end-consumer to have a choice from all three to make their ultimate fantasy come true. These dolls are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The material they are made from and the high level of details is amazing. I’m sure our customers and the end-consumers will be as exciting as we are about these lovely ladies.”