EDC Wholesale has added Swede Global to its collection

EDC Wholesale has added the premium products of Swede Global to its collection, offering flavored lubricants, massage oils, and candles. The collection is made in Sweden with high-quality vegan-friendly ingredients. 

As to be expected from a Swedish brand, the products come in a beautifully designed package that is not only stylish but also practical. No detail is missed in this design. The lubricant comes in an ‘easy open & close’ bottle that can easily be operated with one hand. The package breathes simplicity, elegance, and comfort in use, offering 100ml and 50ml bottles. 

The collection also includes massage oils in 75ml and 150ml bottles and 150ml candles with the same Swedish premium feel and quality in different flavors for a sensual massage. The beautiful massage candles produce a lovely relaxing scent and create a sensual ambiance in the bedroom. The candle wax will slowly melt and transform into warm massage oil.