EDC Wholesale is exclusive Benelux distributor for The Dodil

EDC Wholesale is exclusive Benelux distributor for The Dodil, a moldable dildo which can be molded into any kind of dildo desirable. Whether someone enjoys long, short, thick, thin, ribbed, smooth or bent dildos, the Dodil is a fit for everyone. This unique dildo takes the shape of any kind of dildo. Warm it up in hot water and the core becomes moldable.

When the prefered shape has been created, the Dodil will get hard again by cooling it in cold water. The dildo with the desired shape can be enjoyed, reheated and reshaped unlimited times. Dodil is 100% body-safe and the core of the dildo is biodegradable, which makes the Dodil a eco-friendly silicone dildo. According to EDC wholesale it is completely safe as it is non-toxic and previously used in i.e internal medicine. The moldable part of the Dodil is 13,5 cm and the handle 5,5 cm.

“We are thrilled to carry this unique dildo in our assortment,” said Andre Visser, International Sales Director at EDC Wholesale. “The Dodil offers an unlimited amount of dildos in just this one product. It can be enjoyed in so many ways possible, every use of this product is a new experience.”