Eropartner now stocks Pornhub VR products

Pornhub is the number one recognised and largest porn site worldwide and has its own toy collection. Now the Virtual Reality toys Virtual Blowbot Stroker and Virtual Rabbit are available at Eropartner.

The Virtual Rabbit from PornHub is designed to be more than just a vibrator. It uses advanced technology that allows to interact with the partner from a distance simply by connecting to their compatible PornHub toy, or if some solo play is preferred, then let the imagination become a lot more real by linking it to PornHub videos or a webcam so that the rabbit can act out the motions the user sees on screen.

Distance between partners doesn’t have to prevent them from enjoying each other when they have the Virtual Blowbot Stroker from PornHub. Simply connect the stroker to a compatible PornHub toy of theirs and allow their movements to bring pleasure no matter how far apart they are in distance. This stroker can also be connected to PornHub videos and webcams and acts out what’s on the screen.