Europe Magic Wand available at Eropartner

Power that makes you smile. Everyone deserves a good sex life. It’s healthy for both the body and the soul. Massage loosens up muscle groups, eases tension in the body and gives more energy to handle a busy lifestyle.
Europe Magic Wand vibrator is a powerful and great vibrator that goes far beyond the norm. It can be extended with different attachments like the Genius for clitoral and g-spot stimulation, Genio for a different structure and thickness or the Sily Touch, which gives pure, raw vibrations wrapped in modern, soft silicone.
Product features:
– <40 dB sound level at the highest speed! (Measured at a 0.5m distance) - Long cable (236 cm). Gives greater freedom of movement. - 6 speeds - from gentle to powerful and intense (2,800-6,000 rpm). - Soft removable ball cap with silicone head for a relaxed, comfortable vibration and massage. - Easy to clean. - CE approved in Europe. Available at Eropartner.