Even more new Blush products available at Tonga

After the large batch of new products Tonga received in November and December from Blush, there will be even more in January 2023.

Rize – The Rize label is new and offers transparent strokers that are made of TPE. Some of them are self-lubricating. They all come in a bold bright packaging.

Loverboy for penis owners – Loverboy offers strokers for penis owners, with different themes: there’s a DJ, a mechanic, a cowboy and Manny the Fireman, all offering a soft, squishy and snug penetration tunnel. Here too, some of them are self-lubricating.

Opal Dreams, Sun’s Out – Sun’s out and Opal Dreams are the names of the new Avant dildos that will arrive at Tonga by the end of January 2023. With their proven shapes and wonderful new colours they will certainly stand out in any retailshop.

Dr Skin in silicone – Dozens of new Dr Skin dildos arriving at Tonga, some of which with vibrations that can be operated with a one touch illuminated button, some are thrusting and gyrating with a remote control, and there’s a gyrating vibrating 8.5 inch dildo called Dr Ethan. Posable dildos are in the new batch too, made of body-safe X5 Superior TPE. All kinds of shapes and sizes are available, up until 11, 13 and even 14 inch length. The most wonderful news though is that Blush now offers Dr Skin dildos made of silicone! Some of these are posable as well and the new thrusting & gyrating dildos Dr Murphy and Dr Grey are made of Puria Platinum-Cured Silicone.

Au Naturel – On the dildo front you’ll also find new Au Naturel dildos in bright pink and purple, and with chocolate, mocha and vanilla colours. They range from big and girthy to super tall. They all have Sensa Feel dual density and FlexiShaft design, guaranteeing a soft and erect yet flexible shaft.