Eye of Love opens India market with IMbesharam

American Brand ‘Eye of Love’ introduces a widely popular attracting collection of pheromone sprays, roll-ons and perfumes for Men to attract Women, Women to Attract Men, Men to Men & Women to Women on IMbesharam.com

Besharam, one of India’s most loved Adult Stores is launching the exquisite range pheromone products from the very popular brand, ‘Eye of Love’, as a Valentine Special Treat in India. Pairing powerful pheromones with captivating fragrances, Eye of Love’s mission is to offer their customers a unique edge in all of their encounters – be impressing your date, your friends, your work colleagues and basically in every walk of life where becoming more likeable and desirable will give you an edge.

“IMbesharam is all about encouraging people to explore intimacy, attraction, sensuality, pleasure and love. What could be a better opportunity than the Valentine’s Day, for us to launch this unique range of never-before pheromone-based perfumes,” says Raj Armani, the co-founder of IMBesharam. “We have brought an exciting range of options for literally everyone. You be a student impressing your teacher, a sales manager giving sales presentation, a guy taking out his date for valentine, a server in a cafe, a air-hostess in the plane, a host entertaining guests – literally any and almost every walk of life. You just need to explore the options. What’s more is that we have special offers for Valentine’s day. All you need to do is, roll on the fragrance and get going with your partner, or even to find that special one next time you step out”.

Eye of Love’s quality pheromones are expertly balanced with enticing scents for maximum impact. The formulations help increase confidence, boost attraction and enrich professional, personal and intimate encounters. Eye of love products include Pheromone Perfume, Massage Candles, Jewelry, lotions, and gift sets.

“Eye of Love is continuing their mission of spreading love around the globe. We are excited and looking forward to expanding the Eye of Love Collection to India, together with Raj Armani of IMbesharam.com,” says owner of Eye of Love, Alberto Chowaiki. “We know India will be a great market, with the immense growth in dating and matchmaking apps like Tinder, Bumble and others, along with the huge amount of youth audience as well as professionals who could use that extra boost in their daily lives and interactions. We will be able to help many people by making them more noticeable, likeable and desirable.”

The product range is available in large packs, small roll-ons, easy to carry travel candles as well as gift sets. There are fragrances for straight couples as well for partners with LGBTQ orientations.  The range of offering is specially lucrative for younger adults who want to turn heads, and make their partner desire them on their special date together.