fifi has teamed up with Eropartner for distribution in Europe

Whizworx, LLC, makers of fifi Sex Toy for Men, are pleased to announce new partnerships for domestic and international distribution. fifi has teamed up with Eropartner for distribution in Europe.
“After having an overwhelming success over the past year on our website (, we’re excited to be partnered with established distributors. This partnership will allow us to further our reach by offering fifi into retail and online stores on a larger scale,” said David Bramo, CEO of Whizworx, LLC. 
Bramo added, “Eropartner Distribution will support brick-and-mortar and online stores with marketing programs, promotions, and education. Everything businesses need to successfully sell fifi.”
Whizworx, LLC was established in July of 2015. “After researching the market, I noticed there was no disposable option for a no-mess cleanup,” says Bramo. fifi is their flagship product, which offers consumers just that. Its single-use, sanitary disposable sleeves take away the need to clean up after use. Thanks to fifi’s discreet design, unlike most male sex toys on the market, it can easily be mistaken for a cushion or other household item.
“We’re the only male masturbator on the market that offers a recurring revenue model through customers rebuying our sleeves. Many customers buy 50 to 100 sleeves on their first order,” says Bramo.
Elcke Wieffering, buyer at Eropartner added: “As its popularity grows, it’s clear that fifi is pioneering the adult novelty industry by creating a new disposable category of sex toys for men. We’re happy to have yet another new concept in our collection.”

The MSRP for fifi (including 5 sleeves) is €29,95.