‘Fucker’ plugs now available from DUSEDO

Once again BRUTUS shows its muscles when it comes to creative and practical designs. Recently, the brand has launched the ‘Fucker’ plugs. With these BRUTUS shows that a plug is not for anal insertion only. Because with these two super soft and stretchy models in the Fxxx Plug series you can masturbate, fuck, fist or explore other naughty functions! The ribbed structure on the inside gives a sensational feeling when used as a masturbation sleeve. If you use a ‘Fucker’ to fuck, you’ll spoil your partner even more thanks to the extra penis girth and padding that this Fxxx plug offers. Of course, the ‘Fucker’can also be used for fisting. There is even a ‘headless’ version, so that users with an extensive wish list who care for more feel and explosive will also be pleased. At the same time, the ‘Fucker’ also serves as extra protection during more extreme use, with the bottom of the plug acting as a ‘pounding cushion’ during a harder playing session. In short, more than enough reasons to introduce your customers to these fantastic new BRUTUS toys! For more information, please visit www.dusedo.com.