Gender X – For everyone’s pleasure

The Gender X brand by Evolved Novelties is a category on its own with gender-neutral toys, non-binary toys that focus on everyone’s pleasure. Introduced last winter, the Gender X collection has been selling well at Tonga and new products have been added recently

As you know, not everyone wants to be addressed as a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’, and a trans or gender fluid person might feel excluded by products that are marketed in a binary way. That is the reason Evolved has been working with people from the LGBTQ community, focussing on the toy itself without implying that it needs to be used by a certain gender or in a certain way. Also, people might surprise you with the ways they use their toys, different from how the toys were intended. Lots of G-spot toys has been used for prostates and vice versa so why not create toys that don’t have a prescribed way to play. These are the motivations behind the Gender X toy line.

The innovative collection is constantly being expanded. In the new Gender X arrivals at Tonga you can find interestingly shaped vibrators, a suction device, strap-ons with colourful dildos, and strokers that have a backdoor tunnel as well as a penis and balls. All wonderful new toys for everyone, allowing customers to discover and make their own pleasure! Robust motors, high-quality materials and unique designs are the hallmark of all Evolved Novelties brands, and Gender X is no exception with state-of-the-art technology and innovation.

Gender X is available at Tonga.