fifi now available at Scala Playhouse

The fifi is a masturbator that avoids any messy clean-up. The device comes with disposable sleeves, allowing users to simply remove and throw away the sleeve (and any messy substances) after play.

So how does the revolutionary fifi work? First you unroll fifi, lay the sheet of fabric flat and make sure the Velcro fastening is on the front. Place one of the disposable sleeves at the opposite end of the Velcro and simply roll up the fabric, creating a roll – until the Velcro matches and you can fasten it. Then pull the excess sleeve down over the raised lip and add some lubricant.

After use, pull out the sleeve, dispose and store the fifi as desired. No need for clean-up, no unwanted spillage or odors. Scala Playhouse stock various colors of the fifi masturbator. The standard models come with 5 disposable sleeves included and are available in Black, Blue, Camo, Red, Gray, Furfi (faux-fur) and Dominator (faux-leather). If consumers used the 5 included sleeves, they can simple add more by ordering the 10 or 20 disposable sleeve pack, a separate product by the brand. This also gives retailers an up-sell opportunity, as they can already include these extra disposable sleeves when selling the original masturbator.