Get your Kits on with CalExotics at Scala Playhouse

Scala Playhouse stocks a wide range of CalExotics Kits, ranging from G-spot sets for her and prostate sets for him to various naughty kits for both lovers. In the Kits collection, CalExotics has bundled some of its most popular products to offer consumers a full intimate adventure.

CalExotics: “The Kits collection combines some of our best-selling paired products and styles into several convenient packages that simplify the shopping experience and offer a great value. In the His Essential Pump Kit, we were able to include one of our most popular pumps with an equally popular anal probe and 3 all-purpose rings. The His Masturbation Kit includes one of our best-selling travel-sized and full-sized masturbators with 3 heavy-duty rings. The Her G-Spot Kit includes our iconic Butterfly Kiss, one of our well-known stimulators, a multi-speed G-spot stimulator and 3 finger teasers. And, in the Ours Date Night Kit, we were able to package our best-selling couple’s game, Touch Me, with a wildly popular dual enhancer ring, massage oil and a tickling feather. All of the kits are thoughtfully composed and packaged to offer an unforgettable experience and value.”

The various Kits can be presented in store as a collection, but also look great on their own. Each box has been designed to look luxurious, yet also approachable and non-intimidating: allowing for mainstream presentation options. Whether you are looking for great gift sets for entry-level or advanced consumers, male or female, couples or singles; you will find a match in the must-have new Kits range by CalExotics at Scala Playhouse.