Dolce & Piccante plugs now at Scala Playhouse

Dolce & Piccante is a  Italian brand available at Scala Playhouse, specializing in high-quality butt plugs with unique detailing. The plugs are made of premium materials such as polished steel and soft silicone. They also come with various trendy details like playful fur tails and sparkling interchangeable rhinestones in a wide range of beautiful colors.

Scala wants to highlight the smooth silicone plugs by Dolce & Piccante  in particular: “Combining a soft and flexible silhouette with an appealing rhinestone at the base. The silky silicone plugs have a teardrop-shaped with a flared base for extra safety during play. They are available in four very alluring color.”

The collection caters to both entry-level as advanced consumers. More information at .