GWD Wholesale announces special promotion for Gold Max Blue

In hopes of encouraging retailers to try Gold Max Blue, the GWD Wholesale has launched a special promotion for the month. All new customers will receive a sleeve of Gold Max 5’s (which have a retail value of £200) for free.

The Gold Max Blue Enhancement Pills are a libido-enhancing product that is designed to improve sexual performance. The company claims that it only takes one Gold Max Blue pill to do the trick. “Gold Max Blue is unlike any other sexual enhancer due to its complex formula.” explained Lesley Kavanagh, the Sales Advisor at GWD Wholesale. “These pills instantly boost libido by using clinically proven and natural ingredients. They can be taken not only by men with problems in the bedroom, but by any who want a better sex life!”

Along with the Gold Max Blue Enhancement Pills, GWD Wholesale also supplies a number of sexual health herbal supplements for men and women. To take advantage of the promotion and find out more information about Gold Max Blue Enhancement Pills, call +44 0207 193 3553 and speak to Lesley Kavanagh directly.