Heating up the foreplay with Shunga’s Warming Oil at SCALA

Shunga has established itself as a go-to name in erotic drugstore, offering quality wellness essentials with beautiful, eye-catching artwork. The oriental-inspired packaging of Shunga creates an instant brand experience that will surely draw consumers in for a closer look at these must-have products, ranging from nourishing massage oils and lubes to unique bath products and enhancer creams.
The newest arrival in the Shunga assortment at SCALA, the Warming Oil, blends in perfectly with the already indulgent collection. This quality formula has a gentle heating effect when it comes in contact with breath; allowing lovers to drizzle it on the skin and spoil their partner with soft kisses, right where they want it. The flavored oil is kissable, meaning it doesn’t just make the erogenous zones, but also the taste buds tingle. The product will leave the skin delicately scented and irresistible warm, whilst firing up the passion in the bedroom. The Shunga Warming Oil is available at SCALA in 10 delicious variaties, including Exotic Fruits, Caramel Kisses and Intoxicating Chocolate. Packaged in a beautiful bottle, it’s an instant eye-catcher in any in-store display and has massive gift-appeal, also a additional bonus for the upcoming holiday season.