Hit the right nerve with Arcwave Ion

The new Arcwave Ion is now available at SCALA. Designed to intensify and revolutionize the male orgasm experience, the Ion uses ‘Revolutionary Pleasure Air’ technology to provide a powerful new type of stimulation based entirely on pulsating airwaves.

The new Arcwave Ion male stroker is the result of intense scientific research. According to the makers, “Research has shown that pleasure receptors in the clitoris play a key role in achieving intense orgasms. The studies revealed that the tip of the penis has the same pleasure receptors (called Pacinian pleasure receptors) as the clitoris – traditional stimulation techniques like manual stroking, sex or oral stimulation do not fully activate these receptors. Arcwave Ion can, therefore, offer what manual stimulation cannot…”

The Arcwave Ion uses a Revolutionary Pleasure Air technology which utilizes pulsating airwaves to deliver mind-blowing stimulation. Users can choose between 8 intensities to bring their orgasm to a whole new level. The Arcwave Ion’s stimulation starts and stops automatically as the device senses skin contact with the Pleasure Air sensor.