HookUp Panties from Pipedream now available at SCALA

The new Hookup Panties from Pipedream are two in one: Sexy Lingerie and a Pleasure Product! The all-new line HookUp Panties promises to revolutionize and reinvent the vibrating panty product category.

Pipedream Products’ new HookUp Panties line consists of 20 SKUs with 10 different lingerie styles that allow customers to choose from one to three vibrating features. They either come with remotes, have vibrating bullets or anal plugs. But there are also panties that offer all three functions together!

When it comes to sizes, customers can choose between one-size-fits-all and plus sizes. Eight of the 10 models are black, while the other two are white with blue accents. 

Especially new and unique on the market are the panties with the integrated anal plug. The highlight of these panties is that at the bottom of the HookUp Plug is a band with a loop attached, which hooks around the buttplug. The buttplug is shaped to fit snugly between the buttocks for a secure and comfortable fit.

All HookUp products are rechargeable and come with a USB cord. The insertable components such as plugs, and vibrators are made of Pipedream’s Elite silicone.