HOT Massage & Glide Gel 2in1 is available at SCALA

HOT Massage & Glide Gel 2in1 can be used for a sensual massage and as lubricating gel. It is the perfect choice to heat up the foreplay. The high-quality massage & glide gel is distinguished by its longer and slinky massage and lubricating properties. Making the skin velvety soft and moisturized.

The new HOT Massage & Glide Gel in1 is now ready to order in two different aromas. Choose between the odorless silky touch or the delicious strawberry. This massage and glide gel is not sticky and leaves no residues. Moisture increases the massage and lubricating properties even more! HOT used a special ECO tube for the packaging. This tube is made of sugarcane, and – therefore – 100% recyclable.