Introducing ‘simply’ flavours

Wicked Sensual Care and Tonga are excited to announce the addition of delicious flavoured lubricants to the simply line.
The simply lubes are waterbased, offering juicy pear, passionate passion fruit and indulgent brown sugar flavour sensations. They are enriched with olive leaf extract and sweetened with Stevia. A product of the olive plant, olive leaf extract is a natural bio-static and moisturizer. The leaves contain high concentrations of the therapeutic substance oleuropein, an immune booster with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. A natural sweetener that is native to North and South America, Stevia is known worldwide as a no-calorie substitute for sugar. Those suffering from diabetes and blood pressure can find solace in the plant’s innate flavour. All simply lubes are cruelty free and vegan, ph balanced and free of propylene and glycerin. Each new simply lube is available in 70 ml and 120 ml. The new products are expected to arrive at Tonga in the second half of January. Pre-ordering is possible from now on.