Iobatoys and EDC Wholesale strike European distro deal

Pleasure manufacturer iobatoys and European distributor EDC Wholesale have announced an exclusive partnership to distribute the OhMyG, iobatoys’ flagship product.

The OhMyG is a silent, non-vibrating, silicone G-spot massager that gently ‘taps’ and caresses the G-spot with a tiny pearl-shaped bead. This profoundly unique sex toy was debuted to consumers in 2019 and has received rave reviews from sexual health influencers. 

Netherlands-based EDC Wholesale will now hold exclusive rights to distribute the OhMyG to retailers across Europe. Interested retailers are encouraged to learn more by reviewing EDC Wholesale and iobatoys’ brief partnership presentation on Google Drive.

Iobatoys co-founders Martin and Francesca Cirillo-Schmidt say they were influenced by EDC’s dedication to providing the pleasure industry with the latest in high-quality sex-tech products.

“EDC is all about new innovation and technology,” said iobatoys president Martin Cirillo-Schmidt. “Since IOBA is new to the sex toy scene, we wanted to partner with someone who understands new technology, and that’s why we partnered with EDC. We know they understand the importance of new technology and how it can completely transform the sex toy industry.”

Cirillo-Schmidt explains that the OhMyG from IOBA features brand new technology, including a silent motor and a massaging pearl that mimics the ‘come hither’ motion made famous for inducing G-spot orgasms. Sex toy influencer Nadia Bokody compared the OhMyG to ‘receiving the best oral sex on your G-Spot.’

Cirillo-Schmidt says he is confident that this partnership with EDC will help increase brand recognition for the IOBA brand.  “We gained quite a bit of Instagram hype thanks to influencers and American press, but we received a lot of messages and inquiries about selling our sex toys in Europe,” said Cirillo-Schmidt.  “We really wanted to partner with EDC, who can spread the word to potential new clients across Europe,” highlighted Cirillo-Schmidt. “EDC is a fast-growing and expanding player in the industry. They are making a big splash in the European market and we are so excited to be a part of their growth.”