Jimmyjane’s new Love Pods available at SCALA

The new Love Pods range by Jimmyjane includes 4 must-have stimulators, each with its own unique silhouette and thrills. The elegant and ergonomically-shaped OM, Halo, Coral, and Tre are available at SCALA now. Each of the Love Pods is based on Greek goddesses and symbols of feminine desire, such as Aphrodite, the Lotus Flower, and the Shell of Venus, which is also expressed on the packaging. For example, Jimmyjane describes the OM stimulator as: “OM’s deep and supple grooves resemble the petals of the Lotus flower. Easy to grip, the indentations mimic the sensation of fingers as they roll and stroke across the clitoris. At the tip of OM is where sensation really blooms. Like the Lotus, the rumbling vibrations begin at the base then grow and convene at the tip for intense, pinpointed pleasure.”