Kheper Games, Inc. Is launching a new brand: Warm Human

Kheper Games, Inc. is thrilled to announce their partnership with a new emerging brand, Warm Human.

Warm Human is a line of gifts, home décor, and stationery products for friends and lovers that are equal parts snarky and soulful. Founder, Lisa Mazurek-Anderson, is a veteran of the adult product industry with over 20 years’ experience and has a passion for taking care of retailers in this space.

I’ve created a brand with a whimsical-side that uses clever wit and design to make consumers smile, and a soulful-side meant to empower and inspire people to live passionately, and unapologetically embrace who they are.” says Warm Human CEO Lisa Mazurek-Anderson. “We will be in Kheper Games, Inc’s booth at ANME showcasing many of our new products.

Every single one of us at Kheper Games instantly fell in love with the Warm Human brand,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “We’ve been eager to expand our business into new areas and the warmth, thoughtfulness and inspiration Lisa’s line brings was a no brainer for us to eagerly invest into. We look forward to sharing it with everyone at ANME.”