Lady X by Demoniq – Available at Tonga

The Lady X label is very sensual, beautiful, modern, but also provocative and sophisticated. Designed for women who want to be appreciated, noticed, admired, who know their attractiveness and who want to highlight this through wonderfully sensual and exciting lingerie. The beautiful and refined designs of the Lady X products perfectly fit the curves of the body. Fierce, bold and decorative metal elements complement this look. However, it is not just the emotions and the original appearance of the products that matter to Demoniq. Even more attention was given to comfort, quality and material features, refining the details that complement the appearance of the entire product. Every product has pleasant to the touch elastics: soft, even caressing the skin with their touch. The metallic shine gives them an original look. The black mesh and elastic fabric distinguish with their high elasticity and flexibility, thanks to which they perfectly fit the body, emphasizing its shape. The metal elements have an interesting, unusual look and they are durable. Expressive and with a strong, individual character. They also make it easy to match the products with each other. In addition to great quality of materials, comfort and refined details, Demoniq offers sexy designs in the Lady X range: open necklines sexily show or highlight the shape of the breasts, high-rise designs show long legs and the soft line of the hips, open bottoms invite to have spicy fun. Each product has a distinct design. Beautiful, unique and characterised by sensual eroticism. Lady X items are available in 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL.