Lioness partners with IMbesharam for Indian market

Lioness, the women-led company that created the world’s first smart, biofeedback vibrator, and IMbesharam, India’s top adult store chain are bringing the “Fitbit for Vaginas” to India on

Besharam, founded in 2011, went live in India in 2013. Ever since, the company has been a pioneer and instrumental in opening up the adult products category in India. With partnerships and alliances with several major brands like Fleshlight, Rocks Off, Bijoux Indiscrets, Screaming O, Hustler, Tenga, Rene Rofe, Baci, Lovense, and many more, it has established itself as the market leader for adult and sexual wellness products in India.

Lioness, which has been distributing smart vibrators since 2017, created the first-of-its-kind biofeedback vibrator that uses precision sensors to track user arousal. Since its inception, the company has released the second version of its smart vibrator and app, which boasts a proprietary AI hotspot algorithm to highlight peak moments of arousal and orgasm based on over 200,000 anonymized, aggregate sessions. It also includes the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, a “Live View” that enables users to see their response in real-time, and will have long-distance Wi-Fi remote-controlled capabilities in the future. Additionally, Lioness has the largest dataset of real-world, physiological data of sexual response and orgasm in the world as well as a research platform that enables users to opt-in to studies led by academic and medical researchers.

The smart vibrator is app-enabled. Android and iPhone users alike can sync their arousal data, tag each session, see trends and changes over time, and visualize their pleasure in real-time using and after the fact using AI-assisted technology to observe “hot-spots” and orgasms. 

Liz Klinger, CEO and Co-founder of Lioness, says the company began selling their vibrators internationally just last year. “The category of sex trackers and biofeedback/AI vibrators is still new, so we’ve had to be very selective with our international retail partners.” She adds, “We’ve admired Besharam’s leadership in India and, after seeing success partnering with Fermata in Japan and Singapore, we knew this was the next step to getting Lioness in a new region. We couldn’t be more thrilled for this partnership!” 

Raj Armani, COO & Co-founder of Besharam said “Even before our formal introductions we were in awe of the market positioning that Lioness has established for its brand and HERO product, it was only to our delight we ended up having the opportunity to bring Lioness to India through a mutual partnership understanding. Liz & Anna run a tight ship, they know their audience, their product, the opportunity, and customer behavior, all we had to do was showcase them on Besharam and bring them to India where the demand for vibrators has surged 244% in the last 12 months. There are many brands that we carry offering similar products, but we are confident the technology and craftsmanship that sets Lioness apart will be recognized by our audience and appreciated as well. We look forward to being the new den for the Lioness in India.

With the Lioness Smart Vibrator next to brands like Lelo, Lovense, and Satisfyer, customers in India will now have the chance to explore their pleasure and improve it using biofeedback and artificial intelligence right from the comfort of their homes.